Gong De Lin

I’d heard from my relatives that a new vegetarian restaurant had opened up in the CBD and that it was related to the famous Gong De Lin vegetarian restaurants that originate from Shanghai. Gong De Lin in Melbourne? This news made me very very happy. So naturally, Steph, my eating buddy from Beijing times, and I decided … Continue reading

Dainty Sichuan

I love Dainty Sichuan. Sure, there were Sichuan restaurants in Melbourne before Dainty, but it was Dainty that made me (and I suspect many other people in Melbourne) become familiar with and fall in love in with the spicy, numbing, and bold flavours of Sichuan. Every time I go, I always order the Fish Flavoured … Continue reading


Love, love, love Beatrix! Truly one of my favourite cafes in Melbourne – delicious ciabattas (with daily specials),  delectable baked goods, and good smooth coffee. You really can feel and taste the love that’s been poured into the cooking and baking. I visited a couple of weekends ago (the same weekend as Cindy and Michael, … Continue reading


I was so very excited to read that Huxtaburger had finally added a vegetarian burger to their menu. Almost immediately I started daydreaming about how delicious it would be, given that their beef burgers have been so well received and raved on about. I was pumped!! Sadly, the tofu burger, cutely named the Sondra, was … Continue reading

Fina’s Vegetarian Cafe

I’m a huge fan of Vietnamese food. Especially pho. Being vegetarian though, this presents a couple of problems. Although you can get vegetarian pho at “normal” Vietnamese restaurants (eg Thanh Nga Nine being one of my go to places along Victoria St), despite assurances/claims that it is indeed vegetarian, I’m always a bit uneasy about … Continue reading

The Hardware Sociéte

I am an unabashed fan of The Hardware Sociéte. And that’s without ever having gone to try their famous brunch menu yet (got to give myself a pep talk to face the inevitable wait for a table first). Great food, French farmhouse chic surroundings, friendly staff, smooth coffee… I mean, just look at this: one of … Continue reading

Thousand Pound Bend

This was my best discovery during the Christmas/New Year period. The Saganaki Burger from Thousand £ Bend. So. Freaking. Delicious. It pretty much put every other vegetarian burger I’ve had to shame (with the exception being the ‘Shroom Burger from the Shake Shack in NYC – that was a burger worth waiting an hour for, … Continue reading


Food “buzz” in Melbourne seems to come in waves – eg macarons, Mexican, burgers. The humble bao (Chinese-style buns) looks as though it is waiting in the wings, ready to have its 15 minutes of glory. This makes me very happy because, really, what’s not to love about the bao? They’re super portable, servings tend to … Continue reading

An ode to South

I could think of no better way to kick this blog off by writing about South, a vegan soul food stall at The People’s Market, simply because it represents all that I love about food: delicious, simple, unpretentious, and creative, and reasonably priced to boot. Plus the fact that I absolutely love Southern food, an affliction I … Continue reading