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Lamington Quest #2: Patricia Coffee

Patricia does great coffees. I love how the menu’s super simple – you either get a black, white, or filter coffee, and you choose between Small Batch or Seven Seeds beans. There’s no seating, so you either take the coffee away or stand at the bar or window ledge… how Italian! After placing an order … Continue reading

Merchant’s Guild

A few weeks ago, my friend sent me a link to Merchant’s Guild in Bentleigh East, with the simple question – “Go with?” I responded with an enthusiastic “Yes!” The menu looked great, with interesting options, and their chai was very highly praised (and I love me some chai). Now, put any vegetarian dish with the word … Continue reading

Miss Jackson

Miss Jackson is lovely – smiling staff, good food, and comfy surroundings. I can easily imagine myself whiling the afternoon away there, working on my laptop, being constantly fuelled with coffee or tea by the friendly staff. Now to the most important part: the food. When there are Spanish Baked Eggs on the menu, there … Continue reading

Duchess of Spotswood

I had first been to the Duchess of Spotswood over 2 years ago, and somehow, I never got around to going back there again until a couple of weeks ago. I have no idea why I waited so long between visits, because the Duchess is a seriously awesome cafe, truly one of the best in Melbourne. The … Continue reading


Love, love, love Beatrix! Truly one of my favourite cafes in Melbourne – delicious ciabattas (with daily specials),  delectable baked goods, and good smooth coffee. You really can feel and taste the love that’s been poured into the cooking and baking. I visited a couple of weekends ago (the same weekend as Cindy and Michael, … Continue reading

The Hardware Sociéte

I am an unabashed fan of The Hardware Sociéte. And that’s without ever having gone to try their famous brunch menu yet (got to give myself a pep talk to face the inevitable wait for a table first). Great food, French farmhouse chic surroundings, friendly staff, smooth coffee… I mean, just look at this: one of … Continue reading