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Merchant’s Guild

A few weeks ago, my friend sent me a link to Merchant’s Guild in Bentleigh East, with the simple question – “Go with?” I responded with an enthusiastic “Yes!” The menu looked great, with interesting options, and their chai was very highly praised (and I love me some chai). Now, put any vegetarian dish with the word … Continue reading

Miss Jackson

Miss Jackson is lovely – smiling staff, good food, and comfy surroundings. I can easily imagine myself whiling the afternoon away there, working on my laptop, being constantly fuelled with coffee or tea by the friendly staff. Now to the most important part: the food. When there are Spanish Baked Eggs on the menu, there … Continue reading

Duchess of Spotswood

I had first been to the Duchess of Spotswood over 2 years ago, and somehow, I never got around to going back there again until a couple of weeks ago. I have no idea why I waited so long between visits, because the Duchess is a seriously awesome cafe, truly one of the best in Melbourne. The … Continue reading