“What, you’re vegetarian? But you like to eat so much….?”

I’ve always said that being vegetarian and a lover of food are not mutually exclusive. Which is why it annoys me to no end when restaurants serve up second-rate vegetarian food as an afterthought – we have taste buds and are human too! So I’m always on the lookout for good food – not good vegetarian food, but just good food period.

Which is in part why I caved in and started this blog, as I’ve relied so much on the Internet and blogs in my search for good food. That and because I don’t want my friends to stop hanging out with me because I talk about food so much without any other outlet.

There might not be photos or detailed descriptions of the dishes here. Posts are likely to be short and to the point. I can only tell you, in very simple terms, about what I like and don’t like, from the perspective of someone who simply just eats. I’m not a foodie (oh gosh I despise that word), wannabe chef or wannabe food critic/writer. I’m just a human being who just happens to love to eat.

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