Lamington Quest #3: Famishd

The salads at Famishd are awesome. Filling, healthy, and delicious. I’m a huge fan and it’s my go-to spot for lunch in the CBD when I feel the need for a healthy lunch. Each time, I spy the very very tempting looking lamingtons, but I’ve never succumbed. That is, until a few days ago. All in the name of “research”.


(Sorry about the very harsh lighting. Office lighting is even unflattering to food!)

Whilst it looked super promising on the outside, unfortunately the lamington was not up to scratch. It was flavourless and dry. The sponge was dry and hard, and the chocolate lacked chocolate flavour. Not sure what jam they used, but it looked and tasted artificial, and it was a good thing that they had spread so little of it in the middle. The only marginally good thing about it was the fact that the coconut flakes were a good size and had a little bit of coconut flavour.

Very disappointed, and the complete opposite in quality and taste to their salads. Maybe it was a bad batch of/day for lamingtons, but I’m not going to find out. Next time, I’m sticking to their wonderful salads.

1 out of 5; $3.50

Famishd: 130 Little Collins St, Melbourne 3000

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