Tuck Shop Take Away

The words “tuck shop” bring back so many happy primary school memories. Popping up to the canteen to get a sunny boy (at 50c each, this was an occasional splurge only) or an icy tube (priced at a much more reasonable 25c), or, on the odd occasion mum didn’t have time to make lunch or we’d run out of sandwich bread, putting in an order for a sausage roll or chicken nuggets. Ah, the simple joys.

So, when I heard about a new burger/take out joint opening up in Caulfield North called “Tuck Shop Take Away“, I was super duper, like-a-kid-on-red-cordial-after-eating-jellybeans, excited. And then, I read that they made chocolate redskin brownies… oh my. I want to go to there. Their opening day couldn’t come by fast enough.

Their menu is quite short and deceptively simple – a few burgers, jaffles, milkshakes, and soft drinks, along with a small pastry/sweets cabinet – but man, it packs a punch. Everything sounded good. So much so that I was uber distracted and neglected what I had gone there for in the first place. The drinks menu was especially inviting – nutella, peanut butter, salted caramel or redskin flavoured milkshakes… coke, passiona, lemonade, raspberry, ginger ale, or creaming soda. One of the best things about it all is that they make everything but the burger buns themselves.

Ok. Enough gushing, onto the eating (sorry about the bad photo).


The vegie burger ($9.50) was delicious – messy, for sure, but delicious. The patty was made of beetroot, brown rice and lentils, and, to my surprise, it didn’t fall apart at all during the whole messy affair. The combination with the lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, cheese, sauce…. divine! I also ordered a side of the chips ($4.50), which were adequate – a bit limp for my liking, but then, my preference is for a super crunchy outside with pillowy centre chips. [Postscript edit/my bad: on a (first of many, I’m sure) return visit, the chips were awesome! Crunchy on the outside and pillowy on the inside. Score!]

I couldn’t go past the redskin milkshake ($4 for a small), but I had it made with soymilk instead. It was a definite home run for me, as the flavour of the redskin really shone through. Redskin lovers, order this one! I also had a sampling of the peanut butter soy milkshake, but that didn’t work quite so well with the soymilk.

Whilst Tuck Shop Take Away has only been open for 5 days, they already have a huge fan in me. A great menu, some tasty looking baked goods that I unfortunately had no stomach room to accommodate, and really nice people. Plus, the soft serve machine will apparently start working soon. I’m definitely going back to work my way through that menu, and to finally get one of those chocolate redskin brownies!

273 Hawthorn Road, Caulfield North (cnr Hawthorn and Glen Eira Rds) 3161

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