Lamington Quest #2: Patricia Coffee

Patricia does great coffees. I love how the menu’s super simple – you either get a black, white, or filter coffee, and you choose between Small Batch or Seven Seeds beans. There’s no seating, so you either take the coffee away or stand at the bar or window ledge… how Italian!

After placing an order for a Small Batch white coffee, I spied some lamingtons in its sweets cabinet. They were small (about 5cm x 5cm); I love lamingtons; I trust the cafe – therefore, it was a no brainer to include it in the lamington quest.


I must say though, I prefer the coffee at Patricia to its lamingtons. Don’t get me wrong, the lamington was still not too shabby – it had a soft and light sponge and a decent amount of strawberry jam. However, the jam was a bit too sweet and distributed unevenly, which meant that the lamington was overpowered by jam-iness and the chocolate and coconut flavours didn’t really come through.

3 out of 5; $4.00

Patricia Coffee: Cnr Little Bourke & Little William St, Melbourne 3000

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