Merchant’s Guild

A few weeks ago, my friend sent me a link to Merchant’s Guild in Bentleigh East, with the simple question – “Go with?” I responded with an enthusiastic “Yes!” The menu looked great, with interesting options, and their chai was very highly praised (and I love me some chai).

Now, put any vegetarian dish with the word “polenta” in the description on the menu, and there is a pretty high chance that I will order it. So, predictably, I went with the Pumpkin, Fetta, and Harissa Polenta Biscuit, Free Range Eggs, and Za’atar. The waitress was also super lovely and gave me a sampling of the Jalepeno Salsa that had nearly pulled me over to order the corn fritters.


Beautifully plated up, right? The dish itself was really nice (bar the pea shoots though, as I absolutely loathe pea shoots!) – the polenta biscuit was lovely and smooth, with chunks of pumpkin and feta throughout. I couldn’t taste the harissa in the biscuit though, and even on the eggs it wasn’t there. It was quite fun to roll the eggs in the za’atar. The jalepeno salsa tasted more minty than jalepeno-y, but it was still quite good and zingy.

So, how did the their Chai rate?


I love the green cups and plates! Anyway, the Chai was pretty good, but the flavours were a bit too subtle for me (I might’ve killed too many taste buds with spicy foods) – I like my chai to have really bold flavours.

Afterwards, we headed over to the wonder that is the Oasis Bakery – I cannot believe that I didn’t know of its existence until then. To call it a bakery is a ginormous understatement.

680 Centre Road, Bentleigh East 3165

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