Love, love, love Beatrix!

Truly one of my favourite cafes in Melbourne – delicious ciabattas (with daily specials),  delectable baked goods, and good smooth coffee. You really can feel and taste the love that’s been poured into the cooking and baking.

I visited a couple of weekends ago (the same weekend as Cindy and Michael, coincidentally).  One of the special ciabattas that weekend was a beetroot one (I had no idea that yellow beetroot existed!). Although I’ve never been a fan of beetroot, I figured that if anyone was going to make beetroot yummy, it would have to be Beatrix.


So colourful, right? It required some deconstructing and tackling to eat, but it was very good and just tasted so darn fresh!

Now for the best part: dessert (I would’ve beelined straight for dessert, but I kinda felt bad doing so at 10:30am in the morning). Seriously, Beatrix has the best baked goods on offer in Melbourne. Oldies but goodies with an inventive twist. And they rotate on a constant basis.

Amongst the 5 of us, we had the raspberry tiramisu tart, chocolate angel food cake, and lime curd and coconut shagg. Rather than bore you with details about how awesome the cakes tasted, I will leave you with this photo and one word: divine!


Stupidly, I neglected to grab some of the salted caramel and chocolate walnut slice to go. Never again will I make the same mistake!

688 Queensberry St, North Melbourne 3051

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