I was so very excited to read that Huxtaburger had finally added a vegetarian burger to their menu. Almost immediately I started daydreaming about how delicious it would be, given that their beef burgers have been so well received and raved on about. I was pumped!!

Sadly, the tofu burger, cutely named the Sondra, was not the high-achiever that its namesake was.


It was all a bit bland… a tofu burger need not be that way! It tasted and looked like they just took a slab of plain tofu—not marinaded, sauced up or anything—and put it on the grill. The fillings and soy sesame mayo did not help much to improve the flavour. It also fell apart too easily, as I think they used tofu that was more of the silken, rather than the hard, variety.

Ah well. At least the brioche bun was tasty and the chipotle chips were also pretty good.

I’m really hoping that they’re still trial-and-error-ing this burger and will make it much better soon. As a very experienced tofu and burger eater, I am more than happy to be a guinea pig!

106 Smith St, Collingwood 3066

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