An ode to South

I could think of no better way to kick this blog off by writing about South, a vegan soul food stall at The People’s Market, simply because it represents all that I love about food: delicious, simple, unpretentious, and creative, and reasonably priced to boot. Plus the fact that I absolutely love Southern food, an affliction I acquired when on exchange in North Carolina back in the day, so I will flock to any place to try their Southern food offerings.

The Brutal Chilli Dog was absolutely delicious, super flavoursome and having a very definite kick of chilli hotness, perfectly encased in a soft hot-dog bun.


After that flavour explosion, it was kind of hard for the Corn and Black Bean Fritters to compete, honestly. But they did put up a good fight – tasty fried morsels accompanied with a tangy dipping sauce.


I loved how they serve each dish with a wedge of watermelon – not only cooling and refreshing for summer, but fitting with their soul food theme (there’s a stereotype that people from the South love their watermelon!).

I really wanted to try the Shrimp Po’boy, but by then my stomach had sent me a definite “no” message. So the solution? Take it away for dinner that night. The people at South were so lovely to pack everything up individually so I could assemble it back home and not have it go all soggy. Even after a good 6-7 hours, the Shrimp Po’boy was a very tasty dish, with the tangy coleslaw and battered “shrimp”.

Their menu changes weekly and I’m really looking forward to when the lobster roll, crab cakes, gumbo, and muffaletta grace their menu! Now if only they had hush puppies too….

64-68 Stanley St, Collingwood 3066

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